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This month we are kicking off a new year and wine lovers from around the world will focus their attention on some particular styles of wine and many other emerging trends

Last year the rosé and orange wines were trending up on the market. And sparkling wines were increasing popularity as well. 

But what about this new year? Will we enjoy the same  styles of last year or which will be the preferred wines for this 2020? We’ve reached out 9 leaders from around the world to discover their personal thoughts about this topic and offer you a global vision. 

  • Eros Teboni
    WSA Best Sommelier of the World 2018

“In Italy the great classics are always on great demand, but the average consumer is always in search of niche products. In fact, there is an increasing interest in small producers. The culture of food and wine is also increasing and consumers are always more informed and well prepared. That leads the average consumer to focus heavily on the search for quality. In ddition, consumers are starting to understand the meaning of “terroir” and that will favor wines with the concept of “cru”.

  • Lachlan Macdonald
    Wine retailer based in Australia

“In Australia quality over quantity will be the biggest trend in 2020. Consumers will buy more expensive wine but they will drink less often, the reason is because people will be keeping an eye on their health.
Also, information is easily accessible through social media especially Instagram.”

  • Kelly Mitchel
    Award Winning Wine and Travel Journalist

“China in particular will become a force to be reckoned with in the world of wine. Possibly beginning to erode some of the more established markets around the world. As they take on the adventure of educating the world about the varietals and the terroirs that the country holds. As well as it’s vintners, farmers and winemakers. They have a huge potential.”

  • Marco Magnocavallo
    CEO and Founder at Tannico, the world’s largest Italian wine shop.

“There are new areas of France emerging with quality wines at more affordable prices than the classical Burgundy wines. For example, the wines of Beaujolais (except beaujolais nouveau) have all the elements to become a hot trend this year.
On the other hand, extreme natural wines will have a slowdown because people are realizing that biodynamic and natural approaches are fine as long as these philosophies are not taken to the extreme (faulty wines). Another trend will be Provencal-style rosé wines. Also Champagne and Bolgheri wines will be trending as a result of the many 100 points of score received recently by renowned critics.”

  • Amanda Barnes
    Freelance Writer based in Argentina, Author of Around the World in 80 Harvests

“Much like the rest of the world, South America’s wine producers are focusing on making lighter, more drinkable wines with less oak and lower alcohol. This is a trend I see continuing in 2020 as producers seek to express different terroir with less extraction. 
There’s also an increasing focus on diverse varieties and old vines of unusual varieties which have been overlooked for decades. Old vine semillon, cinsault and carignan are seeing a comeback, as are bequignol, trousseau and cesar noir.”

  • Emiliano Falsini
    Winemaker and consulting oenologist

“I believe that wines with an elegant and easy-to-drink style will be trending this year. Also, there will be an increasing interest for the concept of terroir and grape varieties.
As last year, white, rosé and sparkling wines will be very popular. On the other hand, red wines from renowned appellations such as Etna, Bolgheri, Brunello and Barolo will continue to grow in terms of prestige and value.”

  • Bonny Ferrara
    Award winning restaurant maître at Poggio Le Volpi

“Champagne will remain a trend this year, but with an increasing interest in small vignerons. The rediscovery of rosé wines with a more macerated and unconventional style will be another trend. Finally, white wines from older vintages will trend as well.
The reason is that people are looking for something different, they want to be surprised”.

  • Justin Oya
    Wine trader between United States and China 

“Trade war between USA and China is killing the chances for people in Asia to get really into American wine. So customers are exploring more options from Australia New Zealand and Chilean wine. Moreover, the average customer’s knowledge about wine is increasing. Finally, even if the market has always preferred red wine, this year white wine will gain more popularity”.

  • Anne Victoire Monrozier
    Founder and brand ambassador Miss Vicky Wine and Co-founder of Vinocamp

“I believe in a packaging revolution: smarter, lighter, crazier, more practical. The can is one, wine on tap and other substitute to glass (heavy) and plastic.
I believe in the settlement of labels that care about the planet. Like organic, HEV, sustainable.
I believe in lighter, crispier wine style with gamay (Beaujolais) and chenin being even more popular”.

As you can notice from the insights shared by these renowned wine professionals from around the world, there are some trends that are remaining from last year, such as the rising demand for rosé and sparkling wines. But there are also many new trends for this 2020. In fact, this will be a year of rebirth for unusual grape varieties, the rise of emerging wine producing countries, a focus on quality rather than quantity and an increasing interest in small producers and wines from specific terroirs. 

But weather it’s white, red, rosé or sparkling, consumers are definitely seeking a lighter and more drinkable style of wines with less oak and lower alcohol, rather than preferring a specific type or colour.

One of the most mentioned trends which is also the cause of the attentiveness for quality is that consumers are becoming more informed and more aware of the value. In fact, young generations, which have become an extremely important market, source information very easily and get inspiration through digital channels.

Another important concern is health. In fact, the trend of moderation in alcohol consumption driven by health concerns is impacting the volume consumption of the industry. 

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