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We do give you Masterchef then

By Dicembre 10, 2015No Comments

Talking about organic and quality, we can’t forget to talk about the most expected event of the year: the new Michelin guide 2016. So Wine So Food was there of course!

Masterchef here, Masterchef there. Is there anybody in the world who does not know this TV show? We think it is impossible. We were all glued to the television during the last episode of whatever Masterchef season, as, for example, the fifth one in Italy. After the adrenaline rush caused by the game and all the mechanisms enveloping the whole audience, critics included, we wondered many things about cuisine world, the real one, the one where you get your hands and apron dirty. And of course, a lot of curiosity makes you want to know more. This is how we did: without prejudices and willing to know, we started searching for something that could explain at its best Masterchef and alike TV shows that are now so trendy. The Masterchef at issue, has more than 33 editions all over the world and thousands of countries where it is followed and is thanks to this phenomena that nowadays many restaurants ride the wave of exclusiveness that envelops the world of professional cooks, pardon, chefs! Well, nowadays chefs are exclusive, renowned, masters of their art but do you want to know how much they take advantage of that? Nothing, nothing more than before. There is fame but not richness. It is absurd to imagine because going out for dinner in a gourmet restaurant means spending half of your monthly wage, but that is how it is. Just think about the operating and production costs of one of these restaurants: attention to raw material, wineries of extremely rare years, highly skilled staff, chef with priceless creativity, breath taking location that sometimes is the frame of a first-class customer service, so as the bill is.Well, if we have to take as an example Barbieri, Cracco or Cannavacciuolo we could say that apart from being famous they live the high life but those who believe that being rich means opening a restaurant with 20 covers and staggering bills is wrong and we will tell you why.Have you ever wondered why most of the most famous gourmet restaurants work into luxury hotels? Do you want any example? Heinz Beck at Cavalieri Hotel in Rome, the same Cannavacciuolo with Villa Crespi and Gordon Ramsay with one of his restaurants at Conrad Hotel and Resort in Tokyo. The answer is quite obvious, a restaurant in a flourishing hotel with its customers involves less economic and financial risks than a restaurant which has opened on its own and with no partnership. Now, let us think about all the famous chefs that we know: we assure you that none of them is exclusively a chef. Some of them open bistrots in every part of Italy- made for a wider range of customers and with lower prices, some others open prestigious chef academies and some others travel all around the world as guests in many food and wine festivals. You travel, you discuss a lot, and you criticize as well and you get lost in the fashion of #foodporn that has nothing to do with cuisine, with cooking.Our doubts are cleared and we are lead to think that each of them is a businessman and from time to time, cooks. We would all be happier if the creativity and mastery of these great chefs would go back into their kitchens because, everybody knows that we Italians are food lovers and what we care about the most is to give the right advice to the next generations where everybody wants to become a famous chef, and you succeed if you have entrepreneurial spirit, otherwise you can still become a great chef.

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