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To guide business investments arranging an introduction plan into the asian market and into the vastness of its shades. That is the objective of Toscan Wine Group

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So Wine So food interviews one of the minds behind Toscan Wine Group: Matteo Mangoni

It is possible to work with wine without wine cellar and winehouse.Toscan Wine Group is the first and original entrepreneurial idea which establishes communication between Italian winehouses and the asian market. After a trip to Asia, Matteo Mangoni, the project’s creator, starts to see with critical eyes the openess of the Italian wine world in Asia. When he came back, together with Niccolò Ruggiero, his associate, gave life to Toscan Wine Group. The innovative concept is that of giving to companies a sales agent in Asia, a valid and prepared team that could guide the relationships between Italian companies and asian customers, all done wit h the only objective to educate about the elegance of Italian wine. Ok, let’s start with irreverent questions.Matteo, according to you, do Asian people really appreciate Italian wine? Are they able to distinguish an Amarone from a Tavernello? And Matteo beats about the bush a little. Then he smiles: “Italy has a huge potential in its hands and the Asians know that”, but for the moment, most Asians are only able to perceive the primary differences of wines. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the Asian market is becoming more aware of Italian wine’s beauty and, about this, Matteo says: “Italian companies bear the responsibility to educate the Asians on wine recognition”. Here is a good motto: wine education for Asia is functional for the present and the future of Italian wine. All this brings to our minds the figure of the sommelier. Are Asians ready to become wine professionals? Can they become Italian wine professionals? They do, in Japan, and it is also happening in Korea. In other countries they are still beginning to try, and if we do not help them, the French will, “this will allow them, the French, a big advantage over the market”. Another motto. And, is Italy ready to accept Chinese wine? We could try, but let us just not to! Toscan Wine Group puts itself between the communication and the relaunch of Italian wine, as supporters of the small and medium companies opening towards the Asian market. Toscan Wine Group is a successful idea from two young men from Tuscany that know how to give voice to that Italy that wants to grow and rise again.

“Wine education for Asia is functional for the present and the future of Italian wine”

– Matteo Mangoni –  

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