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The mission WineOWine: giving value to wine

By Ottobre 3, 2016No Comments

Word to Federico De Cerchio

Uniqueness, passion and will to take a challenge: these are the successful ingredients of a healty business such as WineOWine of Federico De Cerchio and Eros Durante. WOW offers the client the possibility to buy from the App or the portal an exclusive wine. Federico tell us how the idea was born: one night he was having dinner with old friends, among whom his future partner Eros Durante, De Cerchio uncorks a bottle one can only buy from a small producer in Lazio. The wine hits Eros so much that he thinks: “there is a quality product on market and I cannot buy it.” The answer to this problem gave birth to the brand WOW, a network of small producers of fine and exclusive wines that consumers can buy directly from the portal or the App, avoiding intermediaries. The result is a unique, “at your touch” experience to share and to live every time that we unlock our Smartphone.

“The real value of WineOWine is discovery”

– Federico De Cerchio –

On the portal we can find real“tidbits”, limited selections of wines and incomparable circulations of two or three thousands of precious bottles. The App and the portal of WOW grow at the same speed: clients have the possibility to read the newslettersand be constantly updated by the Startup, and then buy on the website. Such complementarity translates itself into a remarkable conversion mobile exquisitely Italian, whose protagonist is 60 percent of men – over thirty-five – living in Italy. The selection of WOW is based on the knowledge of consumers that “make the rules” already from the registration to the platform: at the moment of enrollment clients express their taste, which will perfect thanks to the App. The App underlines a double trust: first one is represented by clients reviewing the wine on the community, second one is represented by consumers buying wines, and they receive bottles based on their taste recognized by the system, which will make them focused and exclusive proposals. And this is exactly the essence of WineOWine, selling a different knowledge of wine, offering the reflection of that portion of market built by small wine producers generally unknown and “give it as a present” to wine and rarities lovers.

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