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The love for this job is the secret ingredient that gives strength to a project like the one of Mirabelle di Roma, an excellent terrace gourmet of the Capital and his chef Stefano Marzetti

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With a mum that cooked, and a passion for cooking that goes with him since he was small, he learns to get his hands dirty with a plate of gnocchi: from there it was love at first sight

He travels with an average of ninety tables every evening and sometimes more, passionate roman chef in charge of a staff of eighteen elements that, with rhythm and synergy, gives to the clients of Mirabelle great sensorial experiences. Curiosity moves his inspiration for the dishes he creates, from Inca to the reevaluation of Livornese cod fish using black cod at low temps. Stefano Marzetti is all of this: tradition and avant-garde.

“The expression of a dish comes from inside”

– Stefano Marzetti –

He will participate in a Taste of Roma from the 17th to the 20th of September with a project tied to Bolivia, from vegan products to quinoa but not only, recently back from Expo that gave him so much work but also many ideas, he will have to work hard also to organize his wedding. A part from work and continuity, it is sacrifice and value that he transmits to the younger in his kitchen, together with compactness and being able to create sincere relationships. Here is the value of the staff from Mirabelle: “being able to take a step back as an individual to be able to take 3 steps forward as a whole”. The project of Stefano Marzetti and Mirabelle is to create an idea of dishes gradually, like putting together different elements all with a unique harmony, that put together make a perfect balance, flavors and smells. Together with the work in the hall and Stefano that encourages, he gives his clients great professionalism and humanity that goes with a cuisine that makes advertising and exposition its main priority.

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