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The creators of the apps geolocalizing the streets of taste

By Ottobre 3, 2016No Comments

So Wine So Food meets Slow Food Planet

How would it be to be advised by a friend on the right place where to eat always easily? The answer comes straight from Eugenio Signoroni, manager of “Slow Food Planet”, a guarantee for the lovers of great food. The mind is always the same, Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food. Supported by excellence sponsors such as Lavazza, the company Slow Food decides to focus on the application, proposing the only value that is relevant in cuisine: quality. The idea of developing the app was born ten years ago with the goal to be a loyal travel companion in the pocket of those who, for work or for passion, are far from home. The application, like in fact the brand Slow Food, keeps growing and growing: millions of downloads, giving a very positive feedback to the three dogma of the Italian culinary company, cornerstones of the philosophy of Slow Food: “good, clean and right.” Mr. Signoroni explains us that you can say a product is good when it is organoleptic valid, a product is clean when it respects the environment, a product is right when it takes account of the price, which must represent the perfect compromise between the quality of the product and the possibilities of every customer. The app has an important margin of improvement, and tells us that: “By the end of the year, the areas of selection will be broadened abroad and a graphic restyling will be made,” making the surfing even simpler and reserving an area to “Terra Madre”, an annual event by Slow Food taking place in Turin. An ambitious project ready to widen the knowledge of our “portable friend”, in order to always leave people craving.

“Slow Food Planet: Good, clean and right”

– Mr. Signoroni –

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