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Talent and creativity, without forgetting the real essence of romans. This is the experience that Giuseppe di Iorio, young executive chef of the gourmet restaurant Aroma, gives to his clients.

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More than a gourmet restaurant, at first sight it seems like a romantic corner to escape too, between the magnificent Palazzo Manfredi and the imposing Colosseum

The almost sudden success of the Aroma, that came in only 4 years, has not been obtained without sacrifices but it is thanks to the union that Giuseppe Di Iorio has created with strong flavours, typical of the roman cuisine and technical innovation. He believed immediately in the project, and with good reason, since the Aroma restaurant received in 2015 a Michelin star, and other important achievements. Last of 6 sons, student of chef Giuseppe Sestito, with which he worked for 15 years, Di Iorio finds his mission in transmitting “childhood flavours”, and guesses the secret of a dish in the formula: 60% balance and 40% oestrus. Of course technicality is important in the kitchen, says Giuseppe, so is the value that can be added by the chef or a good relationship with the staff. His staff, made up by 8 elements that with no stopping and a small space creates aromatic flavors that must please a demanding clientele. The territory and respect of seasonality of the product are at the base of Giuseppe’s research, that happily describes his city framed in this corner of history, placing the bases of experience that is given to the client: this is the real satisfaction and the engine that moves the young chef.

“I try to bring to the table my childhood flavors, the ones that made me passionate about cooking”

– Giuseppe Di Iorio –

La cucina mediterranea la fa da padrona, e la semplicità disarmante di ingredienti cari allo chef come pomodoro, olio d’oliva e basilico suggerisce la linearità che c’è dietro lo studio del territorio e soprattutto delle eccellenze italiane.

Mediterrenean cooking is the key, and the simplicity of ingredients that are precious to the chef such as tomato, olive oil and basil, hints that it is straightforward and has a study of territory behind it, but most of all Italian excellence. Straightforwardness that Giuseppe brings to life with his personal cooking experience and relives with pleasure talking about the chef that inspires him, companion of Michelin star, the chef Andrea Berton (received the star also in 2015, with the Berton restaurant in Milan). In his projects are a book, and a new idea that he doesn’t reveal.. maybe for fear or superstition. Something that strikes is the big attachment to the city of Rome, that the Aroma chef describes: “In some days it’s like staring at a painting”. This can also be said for his dishes!


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