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Summer becomes Rosé. Let’s go discovering Torrevento

By Agosto 12, 2016No Comments

The wines Torrevento make Apulia the pride of Italian rosé

In summer the desire of sparkling becomes stronger and because of this we tell you about our interview to the wine cellar Torrevento. Among the several wine cellars in Apulia which produce pink sparkle (but clearly not only those!), it can boast a rich story and remarkable prizes as well. Our first question can only be about the Italian lacking production of rosé. Great trust of the wine cellar Torrevento in the black wine variety which has a naturally pink vinification, as it has a subtle and less colored skin. Alessandra Tedone, associate of the wine cellar, explains to us how the wine variety is a direct expression of the territory, as it is autochthon. We are in the Murge, a particular area where how she explains to us, “calcareous ground and altitude give the rosé of Torrevento particular characteristics” such as minerality which allows the wine, also thanks to the balanced acidity, to make us enjoy our summer nights with its fresh smell of strawberry. A wine as Alessandra explains to us, “which is pretty close also to the cuisine of Apulia,” very rich. Torrevento, Alessandra tells us, is well positioned on the world market bringing home a turnover of 70%. In Italy, the remaining 30% still stays for the wine cellar a great satisfaction even though the market is here mostly for Horeca. The goal of the wine cellar remains internationalization. Alessandra is very kind with us and explains us that the will of the wine cellar is to continue the history of this ancient and autochthon wine variety, the only one in Italy, as far as rosé, which got the awarding DOCG. As we said, Torrevento does not only produce this amazing rosé, but So Wine So Food advices, dearest readers, to taste a stem glass of this rosé, possibly underneath the stars. We wish you a good summer and, to everyone, many sparkles… rosé!

“We want to continue the history of this wine”

– Alessandra Tedone –  

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