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Sonia Peronacithe creator of the most downloaded app

By Ottobre 3, 2016No Comments

Giallo Zafferano: the app of recipes that by now has infinite downloads

Giallo Zafferano, comes from the hands of Sonia Peronaci to our mobiles! For you the birth and success of the app. We start our interview immediately asking her the reason why she decided to create the application. She tells us that everything has happened naturally thanks to a fan of the namesake blog. The app was very easy to make thanks to the many pictures already on the website. So from her idea and from the cooperation with the company that had already acquired Giallo Zafferano, Banzai, the app was born. In years the app had success and is still downloaded and used by users, as it is something very useful, not only beautiful. Sonia tells us that the app distinguished itself especially for its intuitivism. Thanks to the simple usage of the application, also those who do not know the language can use the application especially because each recipe is explained step by step and there is a final picture of the dish. But today Sonia, separated from Giallo Zafferano, is dedicating herself to her website (, also full of recipes), from which she tells us, an application will be born, but surely more international. Sonia is studying something that makes the app really innovative and more useful in order to avoid to create one that goes straight to the oblivion.

“I want to dedicate myself to an international project”

– Sonia Peronaci –

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