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So Wine So Food meets Milena Cacurri and her first wine

By Ottobre 14, 2016No Comments

From cut grapes to territory wine. The Maremma opens up to its culture in the stem glass of the Tenuta di Monterozzino

We are in Maremma, in the amazing Tenuta di Monterozzino. A new reality that at its first wine already shows to have a say, and we are told everything by the fascinating owner, Milena Cacurri. A story that was born from passion, shared by her family, for the earth. The intent has always been to shape the whole productivity in the bio-dynamic philosophy, whose results are immediately quality and excellence in absolute respect of the environment. Although it is still a startup, an then the project is getting implemented, the team is composed by experts that in their work completely share the values of the Tenuta. Values that explode in the stem glass of the first wine we had the honor and the pleasure to taste, Vermentino. One can say that it is from this wine that the fascinating project starts and Milena tells us about it like this: “it is our first wine obtained from the lands implanted in 2012, a mainly clayish land. We initially had a hard time rising it, clay requires great care and presence on the earth, but grapes came out beautifully. It is a wine that takes all the terroir kept in respect of the flavors of the earth, rich of smells of the Tuscan vegetation.”

“Representing the truth of the earth is something new”

– Milena Cacurri –

Among the new stuff in the wine cellar, surely iron vinification in implants clearly latest generation, but soon wine will vinify in terracotta without using thermoregulation, by investing in equipment that guarantee the fruit to keep safe from his habitat to our stem glass. Milena’s and the Tenuta’s goal is the same as the whole project: respect for nature, for its fruits. Respect that comes out also from the choice to operate with the fewest machines. The path chosen is represented by care and constant cure and everywhere. This innovative project and Milena’s will to realize it until the very end, leaves us silent for a second, speechless and trust us, for those who work with word being left without means just become hopeful, because from these little steps one can realize great dreams. Break a leg!

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