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Roma Beer Company: the right beer for you

By Luglio 19, 2016No Comments

So Wine So Food goes to Rome’s beer temple and interviews its “god”, Fabio Ponari

Welcome to Rome’s craft beer Temple. Welcome to Roma Beer Company. The sign attracts us through the voices and the hubbub of the first clients. We glance into the place. Over its huge bar, there are big glasses and beer taps. In a second we get astonished by the sight of the enormous selection of beers displayed on the wall. Scottish, Canadian, American… but, how can one choose a craft beer? No sooner said than done, Fabio Ponari, the manager of the “Temple”, that is Roma Beer Compan, approaches us so we can start our interview. Fabio –we asked- how do you help the clients to choose a good beer? “I try to understand and find what they like”, he says. He does so through an empathic approach to the customer: in the end you realize that that one is truly the right beer for you. At Roma Beer Company there is no place for banal beers: in order to be added to the selection of beers, a beer has to convince Fabio’s palate first, and afterwards it will also have to pass the “scientific tests”. Fabio, do you think that Italian craft beer stands comparison with the foreign ones? To answer this question, the expert connoisseur that he has inside comes out: at the moment, American and Italian craft beers are unbeatable. People has nurtured a passion for craft beer, and that is reflected in a better quality of the final product. So, can we now cut it out with the elitist distinction between wine and beer?

“A good wine requires many years of aging”

– Fabio Ponari –  

Fabio Ponari smiles and explains to us that in the past this distinction might have existed, but, nowadays does not, today there are many beers that are more expensive than an excellent wine.. Roma Beer Company also offers solutions for those who suffer from more or less serious intolerances; it proposes excellent beers for celiacs, which are Canadian and Scottish. Then, if we still have not convinced you, we suggest you three good reasons to spend a really pleasant night at Roma Beer Company:

  • Because their beers are excellent
  • Because you will drink the right beer for you
  • Because Roma Beer Company is high quality cuisine too: we recommend you the eggplants parmigiana (who is writing this article felt at home upon eating it).
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