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Raise your glasses. It toasts to the South!

By Febbraio 12, 2016No Comments

Orgoglio di una terra antica, I Feudi di San Gregorio sono il valore che di continuo confermano: eccellenza e qualità

Have you ever tasted the flavour of a land in a sip of wine? We will try to take you to a land that boasts of a secular enological tradition: Irpinia. Three of the four “Controlled and Guaranteed Origin Denomination” wines from Campania region come precisely from Irpinia, a land that takes its pride from fifteen “Protected Geographical Indication” wines. A unique taste that explodes into the glasses of Feudi San Gregorio wines. A winery that makes of tradition a great innovation. The young firm’s manager, Antonio Capaldo, is the one who tells us about the freshness and the youth of these wines and we had the honour to interview him. On the label there is a place and a territory to know and in this sense, Taurasi Riserva Piano di Montervergine, is the one which better responds to this need. First “Controlled and Guaranteed Origin Denomination”, the vineyard is undoubtedly the pride of the south, a pride of which the firm is an indisputable part. Taurasi wine is called “The South’s Barolo” with this definition there is the will to underline a (healthy?) rivalry between producers from Campania and Piedmont regions.

“Where you are able to be sustainable you are able to be efficient”

– Antonio Capaldo-  

Mr. Capaldo underlines that the wines have in common the elegance of the structure (structure that in the case of Piedmont is already well known, while in the case of Irpinia there is still a long way to go). Aglianico wine does not have the same characteristics of Nebbiolo wine but it has the same potential sophistication. Another great project are the sparklings: Dubl. A project born in 2004 that made Feudi experiment The Classic Method on the grapes of the Campania region tradition. Dubl was born from fun and curiosity and also to let people know their lands. A work that after 14 years is bearing fruit. Of course, everything is made respecting the need of environmental sustainability, along a route that should be taken by all those who work in the vineyards, regardless of the vineyard protocols. At the end, all of this is excellence, a value that Feudi di San Gregorio declares in its great quality.

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