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Paolo Enrici: there is no need to turn wine culture into a show, but to value and get close to it

By Luglio 18, 2016No Comments

Putting the spotlight on wine producers and on what they have to say. Here is the new show about wine

Doctor Paolo Enrici is now, the one who helps us throwing light on the issue that we are facing. What astonishes us is that the point of view of our interviewees remains the same even though they are separated by a considerable distance: there is no need to turn wine into a show; it is no use a show that makes the importance of wine mediocre. What would deserve importance, instead, would be recognizing the image and value that wine has always enjoyed. Being able to communicate about wine as an act of widespread culture might even contrast the decrease of consumption that we have in Italy. Going back to Doctor Enrici’s words, more than turning wine culture into a show, there is the need of valuing and getting close to it: knowing the history and the relationship of wine with humanity is the basis on which building this process.

Just in the only and hypothetic case in which one would put the spotlight on producers and on what they have to say, thus making sure that wine culture is able to defend itself and succeed; just in this case, we would be talking about something more than a mere show about wine, we would be talking about its communication. That would have some value and maybe, why not, it would already have its protagonist. After all, on history and culture Endrizzi winehouse has many things to tell about! Today, the fourth generation of the family carries on with a 130 years old winemaking tradition that started in 1885 when Trentino region was still under Austrian domination during Franz Joseph’s empire. Managed by the great-grandfather of the Enrici family, in just a few years this winehouse became the biggest one in Trentino region, establishing in every important city of the empire its storage-shops: in Vienna, Prague, Belgrade you could drink Endrizzi. “Afterwards we became Italians” he says “and that was a problem”, becoming the suburbs of a poor and in disrepair country, and not the garden of a great empire anymore.

“If you are deeply rooted you can also fly”

– –  

For these historical reasons, still nowadays, the name of the winehouse echoes loud abroad, and the Endrizzi winehouse’s communication work is ensuring that the uniqueness of this wine is also enjoyed in Italy, indeed, the mission of the winehouse is to represent the territory of Trentino in the most elegant forms. The last aspect we want to mention is that the firm is green in its soul, inspired by and respecting the values of sustainability and biodiversity. Everything is part of Doctor Enrici’s plan: giving customers healthy and genuine wines so as to make them live healthy, happy and… for long!

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