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Michelino Gioia

By Settembre 15, 2015No Comments

A love that has been going on for 13 years, that of Michelino Gioia for The Cesar of Ladispoli. The chef from Campania, thanks to his mastery and his estrus, it has created a functional project that merges gourmet cuisine with territorial cuisine.

As soon as we arrived at The Cesar we gave ourselves an objective: duplicate the earning and have our flavor recognized by the clients. And he accomplished it.


He will start a new path, Michelino Gioia will leave La Posta Vecchia Hotel of Ladispoli and will start a new adventure in 2016 in Rome at the Parco dei Principi Hotel.

“It is important to fixate on an objective and not lose sight of it” he says. It’s the way of working that he tries to transmit also to his staff, to have passion for the project just like he did with The Cesar: in the relationship with the clients, in the familiar relationships that intervene with his colleagues. “This is like my Home” At this point he feels satisfied, paid off and proud, sure to leave the restaurant in good hands and sure that his objectives have been accomplished. Coming from a family of farmers, last of 4 children he starts his career of chef thanks to his sister that casually decides to register him to the Hotel School of Benevento, that Gioia will attend for 5 years, with humility and great curiosity. In this way he has contact with people that transmit to him the love for this job, amongst them, Alain Ducasse, French Chef and owner in the 90’s of a new type of restaurant that will inspire Gioia.

Today Michelino Gioia works with gourmet gastronomy for The Cesar, the study of ingredients that permit a 360 ° cuisine. In the construction of his dishes are a lot of elements among which: research on the product, confrontation with his staff (composed by 13 people and 4 interns), choosing the right plate for the dish. All of this must have 3 prerogatives: quality, flavor and aesthetics. Ready to taste anything, from products of Korean markets, to tavern dishes, to south American ones, or Gourmet Restaurant dishes: The Chef of The Cesar has no limits for his inspirations.

There is a dish he will always take with him, it is a trademark: Scallops on smoked mashed potato with pork lean and apple sauce, red wine and a “Goffredo” potato to make it all come together. There is a lot of territory and attention to quality in the ingredients of this dish.

For Michelino Gioia the product of the year other than the classic tomato and basil that will never leave his kitchen, is quinoa: an ingredient that represents a new way to vision cooking, more light, digestive and less polluted.

He closes like this, Michelino Gioia gives us insight on a world, the world of cooking made by many chefs of great talent that for temperament don’t want to confront themselves. Saying goodbye to The Cesar makes him sad, but he is certain that the project will continue in the best of ways even without him. 

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