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Mauro De Angelis: A show about wine? As long as it communicates the sense and culture of wine.

By Luglio 18, 2016No Comments

Show business does not affect wine’s world. It cannot. And the idea of a show about wine is improbable.

Going on with our investigation about the usefulness of turning food into a show, during our meetings with winehouses it has been inevitable to compare wine and food world: is it possible to turn wine into a show? Two well-known representatives of winemaking world answered this question: Doctor Mauro De Angelis, President of Consorzio Vini Frascati, as well as representative of one of the historical winehouses present on the Lazio territory and Doctor Paolo Enrici, owner of one of the most important national and international winehouses: Endrizzi winehouse. Mauro De Angelis differentiates between communication and show business. The importance of wine communication, which is associated with the improvement of Italian wine, is undeniable. However, show business, according to the President, has not affected wine: “it has remained more serious”. On his statement, we perceive that our interviewee looks down on show business in general. De Angelis underlines that there is a need to avoid confusion, wine is a subject that must be addressed by experts, and in order to do this, the specialization of wine communicators and wine consumers is necessary. When something is short-sightedly turned into a show,it becomes a misrepresentation of a world, food world, in the case of Masterchef and alike TV shows, but also of wine world if we would think about a TV show aimed to bring wine talents to a wider audience.

“A good wine requires many years of aging”

– Mauro De Angelis –  

In any case, according to De Angelis, the idea of a talent show about wine is improbable: one can cook a dish in two hours, but a wine requires years of aging. The saddest thing about this is maybe that these phenomena are making taste culture go adrift. For this reason, wine should not be made into a show, unless the idea would be the one of a programme that defends this culture and would pass on the healthy aspect of it as well. This is because wine, according to De Angelis, is the perfect denial of a hangover! We just have the certainty that, for the moment, luckily, show business did not put its hand on the nectar of the gods! And for this reason we want to tell you about Consorzio Vini Frascati, of which Mauro De Angelis is the President. The Consorzio was born to defend the heritage of this wine. It was born to defend the product and to promote it. Today the Conso rzio gathers 32 winehouses some of which are real treasures, for both the most ancient and the most recent ones. It is true that Frascati wine in Italy struggles for being recognized a value and a price, but winemaking system improved a lot conquering even two DOCG. De Angelis is also the representative of one of the most prestigious winehouses of Lazio territory, we are talking about Tenuta Pallavicini, which cultivates 80 hectares of vine and produces 10 different kinds of wine, among which Frascati and PoggioVerde DOCG, But it is Stillato, a raisin wine, the real pride of Pallavicini production.

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