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Luisa Cuozzo: after Masterchef she realized her dream and today she is a happy Chef

By Luglio 18, 2016No Comments

Masterchef? A wonderful experience to her!

t is clear at this point that the winners of the old editions of the notorious Masterchef became super V.I.P. and for this reason, out of reach for common people. On the contrary, some of them have answered our questions. Let us take a look to what they said.

“After Masterchef, every door was open”

– Luisa Cuozzo –

Luisa Cuozzo, the young competitor who almost won the first season of Masterchef in Italy, took part in the casting because she had been fascinated by Masterchef Australia: after hearing a commercial that called for the talents of the cuisine, Luisa Cuozzo answered with her registration. We ask her if Masterchef is really useful for those who want to become Chefs; her answer makes us soon stand at attention: “it is a good showcase, and today having a celebrity in your kitchen can be helpful for a restaurant, especially to increase the number of customers, even though -according to her- “this celebrity cannot cook”. How poor of a quality will we taste? And how much will it cost? Going back to the interview, Luisa Cuozzo tells us that, on the contrary, in catering this kind of chefs is not highly regarded because it is as if they do not pay their dues and probably because what is important about them is not their skills, but having participated on Masterchefwhere, besides, judges do not teach anything. Is it not sad being told:none of the three have been seen at work? But maybe it is just part of the rules of the game or part of their fame, when we ask her why are Chefs so famous, she answers that: “in catering environment they are famous because they are talented, but the public sees only characters”. Apart from a couple of shows, to Luisa Cuozzo, Masterchef has been a wonderful experience: “pure adrenaline… a lot of emotions! It has been useful for me because if you are a woman it is hard to be accepted without any experience, after Masterchef, instead, all doors were open”. After a moment of hesitation, we are happy to know that her life changed for the better, she has grown up and now she holds cooking classes for people of all ages. She realized her dream of becoming a Chef. Maybe, in the end this is what is really important, a dream come true, and in this moment is something a little bit hard for Luisa, So Wine So Food wishes her to win all her battles.

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