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Cantina Adanti, smell of family traditions

By Novembre 26, 2016No Comments

Discovering the wine cellar in Montefalco, the manager Donatella, tells us about the background of a wine cellar that, rising from the bottom, nowadays exports its Sagrantino all over the world

Have you ever thought about the border existing between a family-run wine business and a real commercial company based on the production and sell of wine? Well, right on this border rises Adanti. Cantina Umbra, located in the wonderful area of Montefalco, a few kilometers away from Perugia. The place is magic, expanses of hectares where green is the only color and every single grapevine seems to want to tell you a story. Trust me, it is worth seeing places like this, especially during the grape harvest, breathing that intense and at the same time uncontaminated air. This is the story of two sisters, Donatella and Rachele, who have inherited from their father a farmhouse and hectares of land that have always generated wine; yes, right generated, as the visceral connection between this land and these musts is so strong that can only be compared to the relationship between a father with his daughter. The wine is the Sagrantino, unique product in the whole world, unmistakable in its taste. Adanti has been the first wine business to make the Sagrantino famous all over the world when, as Donatella tells us, it was not even a DOCG wine. “A very hard work” – she confesses – because this particular wine is still not too famous and its identity has to be explained. Adanti is in fact one of the very few wine cellars still harvesting grapes manually, this allows them to select every single bunch in order to raise the standards more and more. Quality and transparency are the two sisters’ gospels who, following these guidelines, have never wanted to change the production, even to the detriment of profits. Donatella and Rachele follow their way, that has already lead them far; the wines produced by this big family have in fact been widely appreciated, both in Italy and abroad, credit to those who, like them, managed to transform the apparent limits in a forte.

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