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Leonardo Romanelli tells So Wine So Food about his worldTouching feelings with food

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This is wine and food according to Leonardo Romanelli

Termini Station: among the noisy commuters, we from So Wine So Food are here to meet one of the cornerstones of Italian wine and food critics: Leonardo Romanelli. Excitement is high, but it vanishes as soon as we start chatting. Mr. Romanelli is ready to tell us about himself and we are ready to listen. Let’s start from here: what does a wine and food critic observe? Mr. Romanelli is clear, as for guides written by more than one person, the critic respects a precise scheme in order to keep the most neutral line: a look to the location and to the chef to understand if he really has something different to say, a look to the wine list and in the end his say about the dish. It is different when one uses his style for his own blog, a style free from technical terms and opened to a very diverse and colorful target, oriented to inviting the reader to taste a dish or a kind of wine in person. This is because according to Mr. Romanelli the mission of critics is to educate the consumer to comparison of different types of food belonging to the same category. Being a critic is a fascinating job, but the problem is becoming one, that is why Mr. Romanelli explains us that: “You become a critic, especially here, in Italy.” And about Italy, have you ever heard about the phenomenon Italia Sounding? The other job of wine and food critics is saving Made in Italy. many foreigner industries exploit Italian names, proposing products that phonetically remind of ours, but that in fact do not belong to Italian excellence at all. In order to discourage this phenomenon we have to keep in mind the fact that more and more tourists are attracted by Italian wine and food, which is able to create a memory that when found in a bottle of wine bought abroad or in a dish tasted, could become a main business to develop, without forgetting real Italian values though. After this message, Mr. Romanelli says goodbye to us and gets lost again among the commuters of the train station, leaving us a little bit of his world.

“You become a critic, especially here”

– Leonardo Romanelli –



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