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It is situated at Lunuvio, the ancient Civita Lavinia, the Luna del Casale: small family reality that with passion produces great crus of Colli Lanuvini.

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The crus are named after the names of their children Colli Lanuvini of Lunda del Casale, but there is also Lunario, Calende, Plenilunio, Meridies and many other wines, as many as the emotions that this location with a warm climate can give us.

Luna Del Casale, can be found at Lanuvio a bit less than 33 km far from the capital and to show us this gem of the Lazio region will be Nicoleta Sirbu, manager of the place. A familiar reality, that from the year 99’ has decided to reconvert some old abandoned vineyards to produce today more than 10 kinds of wine.

A choice that was made since the beginning thru the path of bio: “We chose biological agriculture for reasons, even if it’s a hard choice that needs every day attention. The plants must be followed daily.” Casale della Luna is in fact one of a small group of companies that certifies bio wine produced before 2012, before the laws on bio. Nicoleta’s house can be found in the vineyard, it can be said that the vineyard is her real home.

“We have chosen biological agriculture for reasons, even if it’s a hard choice that needs every day attention. The plants must be followed daily.”

– Nicoleta Sirbu –  

This uncontaminated place has always been under the study and analysis of the wine expert Paolo Piera, that follows the wines through their life, in the selection of grapes and wine making protocols. In this way a bit more than 12 hectares, Casale della Luna arrives today with its own winery with dop, doc and igp produced wines, they will be put through a long refining in durmast barrels, and we must mention the great cru of Colli Lanuvini named after their children: Sara, Alessandro and Sebastian. As it is for the children its impossible to say which is the best: “the wines are so different between each other, with defined characteristics, it’s impossible to choose one over the other.” – as said by Nicoleta.

In the 60.000 produced bottles, there are also locked wines of 2010, in this way they can have a vast clientele, starting from privates, to small wineries, to restaurants but also huge corporations that choose their bottles to celebrate events.

Nicoleta is proud of her wine and doesn’t want to unbalance herself if not by saying that she wishes to add, to the already vast production, some more products to complete the painting. The only thing left for us is for now to taste these emotions in a bottle and the greats crus of Colli Lanuvini.

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