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Kellerei: when traceability is the only way

By Gennaio 25, 2017No Comments

When nature and technology intertwine respecting consumers

Innovation and passion for nature intertwine in the heart of Bolzano, where the brand new wine cellar Kellerei is. Our team interviews the owner Micheal Bradlwarter, native of the Alto Adige and very into wines, manager of the consulting center for the viticulture of the province.

“Using everything possible from nature”, this is the modus operandi of Mr. Bradlwarter, who tells us about his work as for traceability of the products with his unavoidable German accent: “We try to produce very high quality grapes, far from chemicals, through modern know-how techniques.” Because technical modernity means getting a better product, and in 2017 there is no other way but traceability, producing wines that respect consumers, leading them to an aware choice. All the grapes in the cellar come from a very rigid technical procedure oriented toward excellence, bordering on the criterion of biological agriculture; “Leaving everything to nature represents a risk,” this is how Mr. Bradlwarter introduces us to integrated agriculture: technology and nature work together in a way that includes using insects and monitoring systems in the vineyards. That is how traceability seems to be the only way to guarantee a transparent product. Consumers want natural wines, extremely high quality products.

And this is the goal of the wine cellar Kellerei, producing excellence, improving more and more, in order to reach a flawless production.

“Making great wines is art”

– Micheal Bradlwarter –


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