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Inside the fine Hotel Aldrovandi of Villa Borghese the all roman cuisine of German chef Oliver Glowig

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Coming from German origins, he was one of the first Italian chefs called to represent the Lazio region at Expo 2015 and when you ask him about the product that must never leave his kitchen he answers: olive oil..

Olver Glowig from 1970 is modest, with his feet on the ground and always has his balance, so much that he cannot indicate his favorite chef: it is impossible to estimate a better chef, with all the different and so many cuisines in the world. And when you try to remind him that he is described by many as a master he answers:

I’m a surely flattered, but you always have to have your feet on the ground. I think that no one is a god, we are all on the Earth and there are always things to learn and space to grow”

– Oliver Glowig –

His childhood curiosity, when his parents would take him to restaurants, would immediately become a stage of cooking in his teens, to then come to Italy, to be more precise at the Capri Palace, where he will experiment his is approach with Italian cuisine and then in Rome at the Aldrovandi of Villa Borghese. It will be this experience in between the sea of Capri and roman tradition that will give birth today to one of his finest dishes: eliche cheese and pepper with anchovies. In his menu there are no German traits, because as he says himself, his cooking is surely Italian, having nothing to do with German cuisine anymore. And maybe more than Italian it’s safe to say Roman: Glowig is one of a small group of chefs that use “Quinto quarto”, the famous giblets used in poor kitchens of the Capitol, an ingredient that he thinks has character, a strong flavor as he likes. Modest but also a chef at heart, he named his menus with names of his two Daughters Aurora and Gloria, to have the feeling of always having them there next to him. Also sensible to the female world: “women must be present in the kitchen, the create a good environment”, it’s no surprise in fact that the sommelier and pastry makers of Aldrovandi are two women. It is also thanks to his Sommelier that Oliver Glowig has chosen a great champagne for the restaurant, produced by the French Mathieu Gandon. To who says that his Aldrovandi is one of the most expensive restaurants of the Capital, Glowig answers: “we are not a restaurant where you go to eat every day, you come as an event, to feel good”. A part from the ingredients, Glowig manages a full staff of 23 people for 30 table every night and, a part from the cost of management, he insures that going to his restaurant is an experience for the senses that begins the moment you sit down to moment you get up.


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