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Gusto in Scena will take place on the 28th and 29th of February, in Venice.

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Venice, good food, good wine and great culture. Gusto in Scena was born from the idea of his curator, an important food and wine reviewer, Marcello Coronini. Here is the starting point

“It is necessary to understand whether one can cook tasty and flavoured without added salt, sugar and fats”. These first steps lead to the 2011 convention. In the following convention, the topic will be cooking with and without added salt obtaining the support of the Board of Health: “we are the only ones who have obtained it in Italy”. Then the project La cucina del senza ® (cooking without it) was born. The question is: how can one eat without salt? 

The secret is just right there: using top quality ingredients. The real taste becomes indeed, a “taste to discover”. And something to discover is the city which hosts the event, Venice: as this is a high culture event, we needed to be in a place of high culture: the convention  will take place in a room that was built in the year 1000, wine and gastronomy will be discussed in a building from the year 1261. Thus, the event proposes a complete itinerary: cultural, enogastronomic, historical.

Even pizza finds its place in la cucina del senza, “it is receiving increasing interest”. It could not be otherwise.

It has been seven years that in this event there is a section dedicated to wines: close to the big wineries also new and small wineries find their place, selected and discovered by Mr. Coronini and his spouse: “It has been seven years of high quality choices”.

As a journalist and food and wine critic, his goal is to “spread the pleasure of sitting at the table”. When he presides over big events, as expert and guest of honour, he always states]: “you cannot taste something while talking, it creates distraction and the risk is to lose the emotion that the taste could offer you. Just dedicate yourself to what you taste”.

May we never forget his words. See you at Gusto in Scena!

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