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Gualtiero Marchesi at So Wine So Food: emotion is the sense of his dishes

By Luglio 19, 2016No Comments

In a world where everything seems to get more complicated, his biggest challenge is to continue on the path of simplicity

Class of 1930. Founder of the innovative interpretation of Italian cuisine. The most well-known Master in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, Gualtiero Marchesi.

“Ethics means not avoiding questions and remaining curious”

– Gualtiero Marchesi –

Deeply rooted in his hometown, Milan, he was the first Italian chef to “take lessons” in the big France. On his interview to So Wine So Food, he has provoked our astonishment. We start with a most cherished subject by us, ethics in the kitchen; we asked him about the role of the chef on this matter. His answer is so concrete one can almost touch it: “Even the word aesthetics contains the word ethics. What is beautiful cannot be separated from what is good”. Marchesi tells us that the concepts of beautiful and good cannot exist separated, and that together they constitute a continuous research that forces us to remain always curious, and to always make questions; a research that must involve also the staff, and enrich itself by a relationship of esteem and trust. A research that does not mean overdoing, nor succumbing to the allure of forced creativity. It is a path that brings us back to our own selves, to the confirmation of our own nature; this is why “every cook must always keep in mind the microclimate in which he lives and works”. At this point, a concept emerges containing a world of meaning: simplicity. This is the path traced by the mentor, his own daily challenge. It is along this path that, by trying and trying again, he finds the perfect balance of his creations. Creations born from the search for beauty, which can be found in all places that the heart can reach. We continue asking which is now, still now, the mission that he gives to his cuisine: “Purity and simplicity”, he answers, and goes on explaining how important it is for a chef to be moved more often, maybe going to the markets, with their colours, their aromas. This way, he says, perhaps it will be possible to avoid overcomplicated, artificial dishes, and like music, his beloved music, it will be possible to reach greater heights.

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