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From the outskirt district of Appio Claudio to the restaurant terrace of the Bernini Bristol Hotel: the culinary professionalism of chef Andrea Fusco and his Giuda Ballerino

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Bold combinations, few herbs, chilli and many aromatic herbs for a kitchen that has fun and surprises without forgetting classic dishes from the roman tradition..

Sixteen years have passed in the Appio Claudio district that leave a mark in the heart of the Capitol outskirts, put now Giuda Ballerino! – the restaurant from stellar chef Andrea Fusco – is ready to watch the city from another point of view: from above and with a breathtaking view, but always with an ironic and original eye that characterized its dishes and its style since the beginning. For six month chef Fusco bade his base out of the more central Barberini square, to be precise in the enchanting Barberini Bristol Hotel terrace.
“It’s like when you hit a certain point in your professional career and you feel the physiological need to move from a local clientele, very fond and controlled in his budget, to a tourist clientele, more free in the choice of menu and in this sense more satisfactory economically” – he explains.
So in this way, after looking for a long time a place that could be good for tourists and the creativity of Giuda Ballerino, one day by accident Fusco ends up talking to two people in that same location that today is a frame for his dishes: the enchanting terrace of the Bernini Bristol Hotel. From there the step is small, the meeting with the property and shortly after the beginning of his path

“Cooking must be fun”

– Andrea Fusco –

From one side the tourists and on the other side the usual clients. Nothing different, if not for the view, but the cuisine of Andrea Fusco keeps being what it was and assert itself with its whimsical and funny unions, from scallops in tempura with squid ink on coconut milk and bacon.
He respects Mauro Uliassi a lot and would love one day to collaborate with him, he brings up the fish soup in a tin that he took inspiration from back in 2005 by putting his personal version in the menu with saltwort.

A cuisine made by bold combinations, few herbs and chilli, for personal choice, but many aromatic herbs without forgetting about the classic roman dishes, from cheese and pepper, to carbonara, to many variants of saltimbocca, all the way to amuse bouche with fat or sweetbread.
A chef that in the kitchen controls everything because he can’t stay without his hands in the dough. From this come a lot of satisfactions and awards that never come late.

Whoever thinks that at Appio Claudio there is nothing left, is wrong.
The Chef says goodbye to us remind us that the restaurant Giuda Ballerino is still there and the idea of the proposed menus will always have its own signature.

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