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From 1700, Barba family working territory and quality

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Interview to Alessandro Barba, enologist of the wine cellar Fratelli Barba

The history of the winery and wine cellar Fratelli Barba is very ancient, it officially dates back to the end of 1700. Alessandro Pellicciano, enologist of the winery also explains us that the winery has taken a while to promote territory with its own mark because in Abruzzi people tent to express territory through cooperatives that gave a few room to individuality, distributing wine with the name of the farmers. The goal has always been the same for years: expressing the integrity of the Montepulciano and its territory. Besides the Montepulciano also the Trebbiano. Nowadays, clearly, hard work in the fields and grape harvest are characterized by brand new machines and the techniques of vinification are “super-modern”, as Alessandro says. Something else new in comparison with the past is the distribution in bottles, real success of the winery, with which it could export its wine all over the world, just think that the greatest turnover (around 90% of the total) comes exactly from the exportation abroad, in particular United States and Canada. In conclusion, our interviewee wants to say that nowadays “i vignerons” have to deal with the bodies of control that, in his opinion, distract from making the “real” wine. This is maybe the only, real and substantial change in comparison with the past in producing wine. Real weird!

“The goal is to offer a unique product”

– Alessandro Barba –

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