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Face to face with Almir Ambeskovic

By Ottobre 3, 2016No Comments

Here is the mind of TheFork

We met Almir Ambeskovic, the creator of TheFork’s app. An entrepreneur and a gentleman, Almir is the classic prototype of the self-made man, whose story starts from a steep climb. Almir has accompanied his culinary app RestoPolis to the exit to dedicate himself to the launch of TheFork, with the only goal of unmasking the myth of the “looser Italian market.” To the motto “Take Risk”, Almir has applied his entrepreneurial model for a continuous growth where speed is the winner, following the rule of “Speed Wins”. But what is the peculiarity of TheFork? TheFork wants to add an entrepreneurial planning to the world of food service. Customers like to be cuddled and the system of TheFork allows to comply all their requests reserving a table even in the starred restaurant of their dreams. The reality at your fingertips of TheFork went beyond the expectations foreseen for the end of 2015 with 4500 Italian restaurants that joined the app only last year. There are currently around 8000 restaurants to be selected in the App: numbers that make even the United States envious. A further advantage in using the App, as Almir underlines, is tearing down the barricades, especially as for language, when a foreigner tourist has to face them even when simply

“Today speed wins”

– Almir Ambeskovic –

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