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Ernesto Iaccarino Chef: “No dish arises from the same premises”

By Agosto 12, 2016No Comments

At Don Alfonso from 1890 one can breathe the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea constantly balanced between old and new smells

We are at the Amalfi Coast. It is here, in this extraordinary world, that one can find one of the Italian gourmet excellence, Mediterranean actually. Don Alfonso 1890 rules from here his empire, which has now almost arrived to the East. So Wine So Food had the pleasure and the honor to interview chef Ernesto Iaccarino. The young and charming chef carrying on the culinary art he was taught from generations. A cuisine made of vegetable garden, fish, meat and a lot of territory. This is in fact what plays a real attraction on our chef and that makes him feel free to travel in new places. His passion becomes a reflection of what he constantly proposes himself to do. He actually tells us that not only is he the famous starred chef, but also the President of Young Restaurateurs of Europe and he has been fighting so that all raw materials can havetheir traceability for years, which is why he created a manifesto, as he tells us: “A paper of values that we shared with 16 countries of the Association and with 350 starred and not members. We trace what we use in our cuisine real openly.” This is surely an innovative thing but, as he tells us, they wish it became a natural thing for everybody. In his dishes, chef Iaccarino clearly looks for great quality, but he loves to pay attention to the elegance of the dish itself. During this amazing walk among flavors, smells and values, chef Iaccarino brings us back to the beginning point, to his cuisine, to his father’s cuisine he loves to perpetrate and strengthen helped by technology. And it is here that he looks for his balance, in that little, very little note of imperfection (invisible maybe to a human eye!). And, who knows, an innovation today could be the tradition of tomorrow, starting right here, from this extraordinary world! Do you want to know which the new challenge of chef Iaccarino will be? As a vegetable garden lover, he could not help but being vegetarian! Good luck chef! Ah! If you ever happened to prepare him dinner, ban cucumbers, he does not really like those!

“Cuisine is a journey and everything is there ready to inspire you”

– Ernesto Iaccarino –

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