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Corteaura: finesse, elegance and drinkability

By Ottobre 14, 2016No Comments

Federico Fossati: “The range of Corteaura includes the widest and most diverse shades of the territory of Franciacorta”

Great willpower and determination brought Federico Fossati to lead Corteaura fulfilling one of his greatest dreams. Important wine project, Corteaura has its roots in the constant research and will to tell about the territory. But about wishes, how did he manage to fulfill his own and make Corteaura a little paradise with Italian sparkles? Well, we asked directly to him. The success of Corteaura stays in the great responsibility that, as he tells us, Federico Fossati feels, which is “producing quality wine in a called territory, the Franciacorta.” Once he chooses the territory, Mr. Fossati relies on the technique consultations of Pierangelo Bonomi. Together they come to the decision, as he explains us, “of extending the times for refinement of Franciacorta wines in particular of yeasts, to guarantee a better evolution, olfactory finesse and longevity of cuvees.” It is clear that Corteaura represents the need of telling about the territory aiming to excellence in the most natural way. The claim of the company is: Sincerely Franciacorta exactly to underline that wine is, in the words of Mr. Ferretti, “the real expression of the adoptive territory.”

“The future of Franciacorta has already begun”

– Federico Fossati –

In a glass of Corteaura there are no compromises but, as he explains us: “all qualities of finesse, elegance and drinkability.” Characteristics that make Corteaura be appreciated in Germany and Europe, as well as in the United States; for now one of the goals is to spread the word also in the Italian market, while Corteaura is getting ready for many news from a productive point of view, which will be revealed only next Fall. In the meanwhile Mr. Ferretti reveals us one of the reasons why one should try Corteaura at least once, explaining that: “it is a sincere, pleasant Franciacorta, but mostly it brings luck to those who drink it.” We from So Wine So Food like luck and pink a lot and therefore we decided to taste the Rosé Corteaura, that as Mr. Ferretti explains us “is exactly like the women of nowadays: strong, determinate but at the same time full of grace.” Well, as one says, it is not true but I… drink it over!

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