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Chef Giulio Terrinoni: latest news in the center of Rome

By Ottobre 14, 2016No Comments

Meeting chef Terrinoni and discovering (maybe) his projects!

In chef Giulio Terrinoni’s life the beginning with Per Me has been a turnover and with no doubt great news! And we met Chef Terrinoni there. Vicolo del Malpasso. Rome. Smell of good cuisine and chances, such as working in the historical center of the city. The restaurant Per Me has been taken by chef Giulio Terrinoni since less than a year and it is still growing: it is necessary going through a phase of stabilization before having back the results of the investment and there is no doubt that the chef has energetically accepted the challenge. Covers, pardon, numbers talk turkey! Being close to another famous restaurant of high cuisine only makes Mr. Terrinoni’s enthusiasm about this new project stronger: he wishes others came and then others again and that district of the center became a sort of Ȑdistrict of quality cuisine.ȑ Giulio Terrinoni takes many ideas from his origins; despite this, one cannot say he is a traditionalist chef. He actually thinks that tradition stays in our minds, our memories, our eyes; while new techniques let us reach the same results through different paths that reflect best the needs of our time (digestibility and lightness for example). And so for example, coming from an area without the sea, Mr. Terrinoni adapted many traditional recipes from Ciociaria based on the less noble parts of meat to sea world: so we find a cup of cheeks of fish or sea carbonara with fish eggs. Everything with the greatest care for quality of raw materials: the purpose, using the chef’s words, is to Ȑcuddle customersȑ who will only have to dedicate themselves to a dinner with the motto: Ȑtonight is all Per Me”(for me).Giulio Terrinoni’s commitment is not only about cuisine but also, considering the visibility chefs have nowadays, about social issues. He suggested the idea of a flash mob with other chefs: all of them in Campo de’Fiori cleaning the dirty square and giving the example, as it does not take much to start to change the world. As far as strictly culinary projects the chef speaks clear: ȐI have many… but I will not tell you.ȑ We can only wait to finally taste them!

“My cuisine is mind, heart and armo”

– Giulio Terrinoni –


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