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Chef Cristina Bowerman: leaving, returning, and departing again. That is her special touch.

By Febbraio 25, 2016No Comments

Discovering worlds and flavours: Chef Bowerman tells So Wine So Food about her fascinating travel

Cristina Bowerman has met many challenges, among which the Glass Hostaria and “her” Romeo, the place of our meeting. Don’t expect this restaurant to be an ordinary one, the Romeo is the different choice where any time is the right one to eat well. Chef Bowerman’s experience is, first and foremost, made up by her path: from Puglia to Texas, from the laws’ world to that of cuisine. It is clear what has brought her to this decision which, rather than just a decision, was her choice. And it is her way of making choices what made her stand out… without tablecloths, just like in 2009 when she was awarded the Michelin Star. 

“My place in the world is wherever my next travel takes me”

– Cristina Bowerman-

She was the very first one to open a restaurant without tablecloths and, in spite of this; she has earned top-level recognitions. The secret to this is not the lack of tablecloths, but that her cuisine is influenced by her frequent travels around the world. Every time she comes back from a trip she adds a new ingredient to her cuisine. This way she renews herself emotionally, culturally and, why not, culinarily! This is how she justified herself when we asked about her studies in the USA. But, being an Italian in the USA implies having a luggage full of tradition: tradition that to our chef means, first of all, innovation. In her cosmopolitan way of approaching cookery, she is guided by inspiration. However, inspiration alone cannot always yield good results, sometimes things just do not come up well! Rather than letting it discourage her, she keeps searching ways to make it work. Our Chef believes that there is no such thing as a “perfect equilibrium” in cuisine, and she explains to us that, just like it happens with every other form of art, the results are extremely subjective: “a dish can be technically perfect, but if it lacks of taste it will still be worthless; and it goes without saying that what you like may not be what I like”. In our days, being a great chef means not pursuing this ideal “perfect equilibrium” at all costs, a dish must rather be presented as a full experience.

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