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Casale Marchese is set in an enchanted place.

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Surviving in time and space, Casale Marchese still embodies the strength of wine tradition in the region of Lazio.

Once upon a time there was an ancient story set in the magic of a distant land. Once upon a time there was, and there is still today, a fairy-tale Casale whose Frascati DOCG variety of grapes grows handsomely. Ladies and gentleman this is Casale Marchese. Famous for its past and its medieval, modern and contemporary history, source of inspiration for artists and intellectuals, this Casale still enchants people due to its structure and the quality of its products. It has been managed by Carletti’s family since two centuries; we met mr. Alessandro Carletti who is the present manager of the winery.

“A good wine is the result of time and long wait.”

– Clara Walli –  

Let’s start with one of the most valuable wines made in this winery: Clemens 2009. Extracted from grapes of Malvasia del Lazio, Chardonnay, it has a vivid colour, with fruity and floral aromas combined in a mix of taste and flavour in a full-bodied wine. Clemens is dedicated to Clemente Micara, ancestor of this family and Cardinal, Vicar of Rome from 1951 until his death. This “cardinal wine” won the “3calici” award created by Gambero rosso. This positive experience contributed to spreading the name of the winery and its wines. Great part of the value and the taste of these wines is due to the medium-texture volcanic soils that surround the Casale. Among all the varieties of this terroir, Casale Marchese focuses its attention on Frascati’s one, using some autochthone wine varietals such as Bonvino and Bellone. There is a perfect balance between tradition and technological innovation. Carletti’s family has been producing wine for a long time, and this is why this winery means emotion, for them. The biggest challenge for them is transmitting the art of wine and quality drinking.

There is just one thing Mr. Carletti would do: streamlining bureaucracy, how to disagree with him? In spite of this will, his patient and polished attitude comes out when he tells us: “sometimes you just have to wait because time is the ally which gives you an excellent wine”.

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