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Casale Cento Corvi: a territory full of quality.

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Tradition and nature create the good wine of this renowned winery.

Casale Cento Corvi is a project that starts from the territory and goes back to it. It is like a travel that takes you far away, but always lets you see the starting point. It the story of a family, a tradition and, in the end, a whole territory. The family has produced grapes and wines in small quantities since always, and the property of their vineyards dates back to three generations. There was a time in which drinking without caring about how much you produced was enough, but market and its philosophy have changed since then; nowadays we drink less, but better. The project Casale Cento Corvi was born according to this concept, by virtue of the potential present in our latium territory. The winery has started to produce wine at industrial level in 2000. The initial steps were slow with a production of about 25.000 bottles per year. Today Casale Cento Corvi produces about 300.000 bottles per year, becoming the undisputed reference point for territorial high quality wine. At the beginning, the supply used to meet the demand, and the 80% of the production consisted of international wine. Today, the 80% of its 35 hectares of vineyards is dedicated to local grapes, and only the remaining 20% to international grapes.

“Wine is life for me”

– Costantino Collacciani –  

. Mr Collacciani is the owner of the winery and his dream of a wine made totally with Italian grapes has come true. The wine is produced through the best biodynamic process, where one can find a balance in which nature wins. A work and a territory that are really appreciated by the international market. But, which wine is the one the firm is most proud of? Obviously, every wine is unique, but there is one in particular that best represents the company: Giacchè. A vine that was completely lost, recovered and revalued by Casale Cento Corvi. It is the local vine par excellence and it grows wild. In the past it was only used in blends because it produced a very intense wine, hearty and alcoholic. Today this vine is giving big satisfactions to the firm and as Mr. Collacciani says: “it has a precise identity not linked to any other kind of vine and it explodes into the glass with its unique perfume with wild notes linked to the red berry jam, the tannins are soft and silky, it has a good, fat note into the mouth”. That is the wine we recommend to those who want to discover the winery and its values. In this wine there is the territory put in the glass at its purest form. Their great tenacity will keep high Casale Cento Corvi for a long time.

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