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Brand Group S.p.A. at Roof Garden of the hotel Boscolo di Roma: the atmosphere gives you shivers

By Agosto 12, 2016No Comments

Form reflects substance: gala for Brand Group S.p.A.: from the terrace of Exedra, business style and ideas overlook on the rest of the world

It was what we expected. Even better! We are at floor five, on the terrace of Hotel Boscolo, fully centered in Rome. Dressed in a suit, entering the door we immediately find out that it is going to be an unexpected night. The atmosphere is very easy and emotion becomes the fil rouge connecting everything and everyone. Rouge, red, like the thing that we all are wearing. After a welcome prosecco and a stem glass of wine, we are ready to listen to the opening speech of Dr.Stefano Cocco, our Editor and President of Brand Group S.p.A. As we said, it is not an ordinary night, simply because it cannot be with Dr. Cocco in command.

Some jokes to temper the situation and we start with the presentation of the society. One is the keyword: will. Will to lease, to public and private, the best services in the best possible way, which means the way only Brand Group S.p.A. can do. Brand Group S.p.A. focuses on the dedication of every single worker in order to propose its work in the best possible way. The goal of Brand Group S.p.A. is to offer services that can change people’s life for the better. At the end of the introductive speech, there goes dinner, a rich buffet in typical Italian style. Everything is accompanied by two wines from Umbria by the Lungarottis, whose taste is very pleasant. In the meanwhile the presentation of brands continues, they are eight in total, and are part of Brand Group S.p.A., each one presented by its own manager who, with absolute precision and care, describes his work. Also the other big project is presented, which is linked to So Wine So Food, our wine and food magazine which, as you know by now, is international, which means a project based on the need to form the future class of Chefs, hotels staff and sommeliers. And then surprise for everyone: Passione Lavoro is revealed, the new agency part of Brand Group S.p.A. The event in which Brand Group S.p.A. cut the ribbon is coming to a worthy end. Stem glasses touch and cheers: Brand Group S.p.A. and its brands are bound to become leader in the market, as Dr. Stefano Cocco is leading a team which took a very precise direction: reliability and punctuality. This is a great guarantee!

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