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Here comes the prize Award of Excellence by So Wine So Food: the need of finding totally free, with no bonds nor fears, the real culinary excellence in Italy and in the world

By Luglio 11, 2016No Comments

Antica Pesa in Brooklyn wins the prize Award of Excellence by So Wine So Food

Excellence is nowadays more than ever a cherished value and too many times professed by self-styled starred restaurants which in fact only have a starred check. One of the missions of So Wine So Food is not to limit to look for and profess excellence, but to find it, recognize it and finally award it. This is the reason why So Wine So Food, guided by its Publisher, instituted the prize Award of Excellence. Do you want to know how it works? There you go: the research is made at the tables of restaurants all over the world, among the staff in the rooms, in the wine list and in the numbers (often too exaggerated compared to the cuisine) of the check. Therefore, as one can grasp, it is first of all a verifiable prize. Yes, Sir! In the restaurants So Wine So Food do not introduce themselves as a headline nor as experts, they do not make the fateful fork fall, and at check time they are not ambiguous letting understand who they are and what they do, they do not: they pay and thank (good manners first of all!). Well, that is enough observations (do you think we are polemic? Don’t you think that paying, especially such checks, gives one the right to feel free to tell the truth and not to fall in those absurd reviews such as #fireworkinmymouth or #explosionoftaste when in fact the only explosion is the desire to go home and prepare the old and dear spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper? So sad!) In order to avoid this sadness there goes So Wine So Food going where the others stop, or do not even dream to get and open their mouth (it is the case to say it!) to have a say. In this first edition of Award of Excellence, a few restaurants, alas!, competed for the award, but it was the restaurant Antica Pesa in Brooklyn who raised the trophy. What was it that made the Antica Pesa win over the others? First of all the cuisine, which goes from Rome to New York, straight to Doha in a euphoric rhythm following the Roman tradition, making it fresh with its own creative ideas. And so, on May the 26th, our Publisher, Dr Stefano Cocco went himself there to give the owners, the Panella brothers, the award and the plaque. It was for sure for the big selection made for the raw material that Antica Pesa in Brooklyn has won, which is the real peak of excellence of this restaurant but, watch out, of Rome as well!

“If you love it, this is an amazing job allowing you to work wherever you go.”

– Lorenzo Panella –

From the necessity of not being partial, from the need of saying exactly what it is without any fears nor threats, So Wine So Food will continue the research of excellence, will continue to discuss “the taste” (was it more right to say “the trends”?). So Wine So Food will continue to give the award to those who offer real excellence and, do not worry about that, we will find you!

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