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App-about App!

By Ottobre 3, 2016No Comments

More and more connected!

This is the evolutionary road (?) that is involving humankind. We can notive that in the subway, in our car, on our motorbike, everywhere. Well, we are no more made only of body and soul, but also of web and our smart-phone is always the first thing to put in our pockets. Nice, luminous with that battery charge at 100%, (clearly temporary situation), brilliant with all the apps we have downloaded in order to make our lives better. But app-about, what apps do we prefer downloading? According to App Annie, society of telephonic research analyzing the market of the apps that we install on our mobiles, in 2014 and even more in 2015, Internet surfers preferred downloading apps of instant messaging, that is to say chats! At first place stays Facebook followed by the many apps of games (see #pokemongo). But wait, in a great position are also wine and food apps. Small colored icons that in a touch open to us the whole wine and food world. But why do we download so many wine and food apps? In order to deepen the theme, So Wine So Food has interviewed Bruno Bellarosa, general manager of the event Todi Appy Days that will be held in Todi next November. Bruno explains us that it is impossible to reduce the success of these apps to a mere “socials”fact, even though they, as he tells us, “had and will have a central role in the world of food.”But according to Bruno Bellarosa the real success of these apps stays in the fact that, as he tells us: “our needs have changed and the time we have has strongly diminished, so browse a guide of restaurants can be less easy than take our smart-phone out of our pockets.” Okay Bruno, but locationing, tutorials, recipes, social eating, it seems like there is nothing more to invent. But Bruno explains us that a lot depends on the capability of technological development and on the importance that food has in this and the next years. Another interesting spark that Bruno suggests is about the principle that brings us to use wine and food apps: “all of them – he says – are in their way keys to enter a community sharing the same interests and passions.” For the moment Bruno does not give us any anticipations on the next edition of the event though, which will surely be faithful to the purpose for which three years ago it was created by Eugenio Guarducci, president of Sedicieventi: tell and be told by experts where the innovation represented by the world of apps will lead. Well, app-ointment in Todi! P.S.: Bruno confesses to us that on his smart-phone he has many wine and food apps. Basically, like us all!

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