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Antonino Cannavacciuolo tells about himself to So Wine So Food

By Luglio 19, 2016No Comments

The secrets of a chef that has become a tv celebrity. His secret? The continuous pursuit of innovation

Well, the cuisine’s Bud Spencer gives a little of his time to So Wine So Food for an interview in which he surprised us with his tenderness. A big big man with really corny reflections about his relationship with cuisine and his unbreakable bond with his southern origins.

He confesses that, according to him, cooking is will to experimemt and discipline, expressing oneself through memories and emotions. As a chef he would have loved to see his name matched to many recipes of the Italian tradition. Determinate temper, he always gave the best of himself to achieve his goals and to go beyond the limits that he has met along his path. To him, working in restaurant industry means never feeling totally accomplished, but keeping on growing professionally and in life learning from one’s mistakes and always trying to better oneself.

“I am curious and greedy for newness”

– Antonino Cannavacciuolo –

Some critics annoyed him, but only at the beginning, because he managed to turn them into a source of strength by finding the positive aspect of negative comments and using that as means for improvement. In the kitchen, Cannavacciuolo has accustomed us to his severe side, but it must not always be like that: there have to be moments that require total concentration and engagement, but there also has to be a space for laughing and joking; it is important to know when to be severe and when to allow a moment of looseness. His aversion for women in the kitchen is well known: although he greatly respects the female chefs that have finesse and sensitivity, a strength worthy of admiration, but the hours of work and effort are many, and require a lot of sacrifices, so it can take space from family duties. For Neapolitans, all festivities are sacred, and in every festivity, a seasonal and flavourful menu embodies tradition. About this, Cannavaciuolo is “sentimental and romantic” and displays his attachment to his homeland by telling us about a recipe that is very dear to him: Candele alle Genovese, which he used to prepare with his grandmother. He also recalls the satisfaction that he used to feel when preparing shortcrust pastry as a child, or the flavour of seafood dug up from the sand of the beach by him and his friends.Today, he is on a constant pursuit for flavours, following his instinct. Chef Cannavacciuolo has achieved many important successes, but he is still moved by the memories of the numerous challenges that he has overcome.

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